4-digits String as inputs are considered as a date when displayed

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    Expected Behavior

    My usecase was to get a warehouse id as input which can be digits-only or alphanumerics-composed.
    It should display String as raw IMO ? Especially since there is a type: DATE

    Actual Behaviour

    As you can see, my input is parsed and displayed as date in the input information of the execution while it is treated as my raw String inside my flow.

    Steps To Reproduce

    In the quickstart configuration (v0.8.0-SNAPSHOT), run the given example flow and check the executions tab

    Environment Information

    • Kestra Version: 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT
    • Operating System (OS / Docker / Kubernetes): MacOS
    • Java Version (If not docker): Under docker

    Example flow

    id: numberAsDate
    namespace: simple.test

    • name: numberAsString
      type: STRING
      defaults: "2685"
    • id: print
      type: io.kestra.core.tasks.debugs.Echo
      format: "{{inputs.numberAsString}}"
  • BR

    Will try to correct this :)

Last active 8 days ago

2 replies